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CMMDBAccess has succesfully undertaken the class “C” assessment as part of the CMMI-3 certification to be completed by December 2007. We obtained that world-class certification from the European Software Institute (ESI). in 2004. That was only the beginning of a new era in DBAccess, where continuous optimization cycles are performed around our software engineering process, supported by our brilliant QA team.

The CMM—Capacity Maturity Model—certification is an international honor of quality which certifies the maturity achieved by software development companies. This model ensures that certified companies incorporate the best practices within the software development processes, resulting on high quality results in the software they produce.

ISONowadays, the software industry worldwide follow the CMM model as a mandatory standard to be differentiated in the market and compete in the most important Fortune 500 companies around the world, which is precisely the reason why we celebrate at DBAccess this achievement with great satisfaction.

In addition, we are a certified ISO 9001:2000 organization since 2005, an important certification that keeps our internal processes under continuous control and oversight. We are very proud in be committed to an innovation process under world-class quality standards. Theses goals accomplished demonstrate that innovation and quality must be together in the worldwide IT industry market.

For more information about our quality processes visit our Methodology section.


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