Product conceptualization

In recent years the trends and design practices have demonstrated its power in the world through the creation of innovative products that have transformed the way we live. We have incorporated these design practices in DBAccess to product conceptualizations that fulfil a goal in an organization.

Often, technology is presented in the wrong way, as an end in itself; we see that approach as companies adapt their processes and work practices to specific technologies. In DBAccess we promote design solutions that meet the real needs of the organization that support and enhance its assets and strengths.

Product design process is a practice that works simultaneously in three disciplines.

  • 1 - Business requirement specifications and functional design.
  • 2 - The software architecture design through its different views.
  • 3 - User experience.

In DBAccess, specialists work these disciplines. We actively involve the client in the design, in different creative sessions.

The result of a conceptualization process is a tangible product, adapted to the actual need, and validated by its users. At the same time, it has the necessary technical plans for construction through engineering work focused on software architecture.

The conceptualization process we define it through 4 stages, which we run in any early stage of a project. That goes from our solutions to the corporate world up to the stages of construction of a MVP (minimum value product) in a startup.

Figure: Product definition DBAccess methodology and approach

  • In identifying the problem, we seek for business understanding, expected impact, user environment and operation, among many other variables to consider.
  • The product conceptualization stage comprises creative actions. From identifying product characteristics through the use of common objects or natural comparisons, to the open specification of interaction models that define the experience of using the product.
  • Beyond the traditional heavy functional specifications and prototypes on screens, at the visualization stage, we seek and apply tangible methods of interaction between the user and the product that is yet to be built. The result is the minimization of changes in products built through greater assertiveness in the approach to the solution.
  • The actual construction of the product will depend on the effective transfer of information at this stage to future stages. Finally, our engineering practices ensure smooth actions as shown in the picture above.

Product orientation, born in the conceptualization must be maintained throughout the life cycle of the solution, in its construction, maintenance, and evolution. We focus on the product in each of the technology and business disciplines that work and are geared to achieve the ideal solution.

In a business need or challenge is relevant to begin from a product conceptualization, where our experts work hand in hand to make real the ideas of your organization, and lay the foundations that will enable them to make it happen.

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